Humping slender beauty

Hi I am Prasad (Name Changed) from Hyderabad. I am 22 years old, I guess you can say that I am handsome; I am 6’2”, perhaps a little bit overweight. This incident happened to me in 2005. This incident happened to me to with a girl called Priya (Again, name changed).

As this happened around 3 years ago, I don’t remember most of the dialogue between us and don’t remember much detail other than couple of things. Anyway read on:There is this entertainment place in Hyderabad, which has theaters, an arcade, couple of restaurants, mcdonalds, Subway, some shops, etc. Once my nephew with couple of his friends came to my house and they wanted me to take them outside for some fun (Some of my friends are local Page 3, so my nephew looks at me like an idol and thinks I am cool).

As I was bored and all my friends had to attend college, I took them to that entertainment place and asked them to spend some time in the arcade. I went to the smoking section and started smoking.After 2 smokes I walked out into the arcade and saw them with 2 other guys competing in some boxing game. Beside them I saw this pretty girl who looked 18. She had slender legs and a tight body, her breasts were somewhere in between medium and large. She had the most beautiful face I have ever seen in real life.

I walked over and I was watching the entire scene and I asked my nephew: “What’s going on?” He told me that he and his friends found some bug in the game and now they could play the game for free and apparently those other guys were just watching and they came over to play too. The girl had a worried look on her face and I could assume that she was scared that one of the management people would find out. I didn’t care because technically it could be denied. Anyways from their conversation I found out that she was their cousin sister and that in fact she was scared that the management would find out. The kids didn’t care because it was free games. I asked her not to worry and I will take care of it if there is a problem. She then relaxed and told me her name was Priya, I responded with a nod and with my name.

Since it appeared to her that I was of the same age group, she asked me where I studied and I gave her the answer. Then she told me that she is from some degree college where some of my friends study and that she just joined her first year.

Then I figured out that she was around 1 year younger to me and for the first time I checked her out. I decided that she wasn’t that bad to date. We had some common friends so we just talked about them. We immediately clicked, I had a comeback to every statement she made and started telling her some of my stories. Finally I told her that I had to get a milkshake and she said she also needs one. We both went down to mcd and I went out for a smoke. I cracked some jokes during the interim and found out that she has no boyfriend and that she was serious about studies. Then in between she started touching my shoulder and she was staring right into my eyes and was twirling her hair. Then I got a call from my dad asking me to return his car, so I had to immediately leave and due to some confusion I forgot to ask her number. Anyway I did some snooping around from the information she gave me and finally got her number. I wanted to wait for some time to call her but incidentally she called back and asked me out for coffee. I took her out to a local coffee place and ordered her a hookah.

After some conversing I found out that the female was intellectually weak, which is a big turn off to me. I wanted to get done with the date and my interest was waning. So I immediately wanted to get the job done without any further commitments.

I asked her out for an event in a local club which she succumbed to.I took a lonely secluded spot in the club and started ordering the drinks. She wore a sleeveless top with ample cleavage viewing and a normal pair of jeans.

She got drunk with one drink. He then came and sat beside me, her hands were all over my neck and arms. Then I placed my hand between her thighs and started rubbing the area near her pussy. I didn’t feel right taking control of an inebriated girl and also the fact that many people were nearby and some of them were staring at us. So I immediately cleared the check and left for the parking lot. Near the car, I grabbed her waist and started kissing her. She herself pushed her tongue into my mouth and then I pushed my tongue into hers and I could feel the hot saliva enter my mouth. I then slid my hand into the backside of her jeans and was squeezing her ass. My other hand was pushing her head towards me. She then started grabbing my dick from outside my cargos and was squeezing it.

After couple of minutes I removed my hand and got a hold of her breast and squeezed her nipple from outside. She gave a slight moan. In between I was also biting her ear lobe and moving back to kissing her. After 5 minutes I heard some footsteps and I immediately opened the car and placed her inside. I switched the car on and by the time I put the gear into reverse, her hand was on my dick rubbing it. I looked at her and she had this kind of smile on her face, which changed her completely from a beauty to a vamp. As I was little bit drunk too, at every red light,

I started kissing her or squeezing her breast. I took her to a secluded place and we both started making out again. In a distance I saw a car approaching and immediately came to my senses and was alarmed that it could be a cop.

I usually handle cops in my own way but as there was a girl, it would reflect badly on her and me. So I immediately started the car and took her to her house. She looked at me and said: “I had fun, we should do this again”. I replied: “ Definitely”.

Then she told me: “I think I am too young to lose my virginity but lets do everything other than sex”. I of course kept a straight face and told her: “Sure, even I never had sex before so I want to be careful”. I immediately came back home and jerked off to her.

I immediately started plotting on how to seduce her. But after jerking off and after the liquor waned off I immediately put off those ideas, as they are despicable.

Anyway next day I got a phone call from her saying that one of her friends party is going on and wondered whether I would be interesting in going. I replied with a yes. We then went to a restaurant where Priya and me got the side of the table facing the rest of the hall; our backs were towards the wall. Anyway the conversation going around the table was boring and all the people on the table were kids and my frustration was increasing due to lack of cigarettes. Priya was wearing some top and a loose skirt that reached to her knees.

And she was attached to me and her hand was placed looping my arm. And I also noticed that the tablecloth was totally blocking anything chest below. So I casually slid my left hand and placed it on her knee. She gave a slight gasp and gave me a casual 2-second stare.

I then started moving my hand slowly up pushing her skirt up. All this time, she was grabbing my hand and her lips were trembling. I was conversing with one of her friends and laughing which doing this. I slowly placed my finger on her pussy and started slowly making small circles with my finger over her panty. She then gave a small gasp…She then excused herself to the bathroom and sent me a text message on the phone asking me not to do it and she said people might see us. I replied with an ‘Ok’.

While walking towards the car, I had my hand on her ass and was slowly caressing it. She started shouting at me once her friends went away, and to stop her from shouting I started kissing her…She immediately told me that she got too hot from the restaurant and she needs a dick immediately. My friend owns a very very small hotel kind of thing with around 30 rooms and I immediately called him and told him that I need his suite for the night. I called up home and told my parents that an accident happened to my friend and need to go there, she called her friend to call her parents and to ask permission to stay back at her house. I took her to my friend’s hotel after stopping at a pharmacy. I immediately went inside and asked her to lock the car and come upstairs in 20 minutes.

Once she came inside, I pushed her towards the walls and started kissing her, then caught her ass with my hand and pulled her up as she is short and I was bending my legs to kiss her. Immediately she wrapped her legs around me was reciprocating wildly.

Her saliva was making its way to my throat and I was loving it. Then I threw her on the bed and we made out for around 10 minutes. While laying on the bed and making out, I split her legs with my hand took placed it on her panty, I was rubbing her pussy wildly…

She was moaning loudly once I started rubbing her pussy: “Ahh…Ahh…” After a while, I took her top off and during this time, she tore open my shirt, and started taking her hand over my chest hair and was squeezing my nipples.

Then we started kissing again and her hand was on my jaw pulling it towards her. I at the same time was also pulling her towards me. She then placed her hand on my dick from outside my pants and started rubbing that area.

Then I moved her panty and placed my hand inside her pussy and was slowly moving it, not too far though, I was making sure that only 1 inch of my finger was going inside, then whenever she kissed, I was moving my face and I asked her:

“Do you want me to finger fuck you?”, She shouted: “YES”…I then told her: “I cant hear you”. She then told me: “Please finger fuck me, don’t tease me, please don’t tease me”. Then I started pushing my fingers into her pussy with an amazing speed,

I could feel liquid on my fingers, then she started to jerk and was shouting: She then started smiling and we both continued kissing. I was sucking her breast in between too; all this while I was finger fucking her. This went on for about 2-3 minutes.

I then removed her skirt along with her panty and her heels and also took off my shoes…I then split her legs, and started rubbing her thighs and continued teasing her. After couple of seconds and after I too couldn’t resist it, I started licking her pussy using my fingers in between too.

While I was doing this, I could see the expression on her face. She was grinding her teeth, she was touching her breasts and also once she kept her fingers in her mouth, and also most of the time staring into the ceiling moaning in this monotonous voice and sometimes loudly.

After 5 minutes I got done and also wanted my ‘share’ of the bargain? I got worried that someone could have heard her, so I took some towels from the bathroom and pushed it under the door and also switched on the TV and raised the volume.

I came back and we were kissing while she was unbuttoning my pant with her hands…She slid my underwear down, took out my dick and started stroking it. She then said: “I want to return the oral favor which you did to me”.

I then removed my underwear and pants and starting licking it first from the side, she then caught it properly and started sucking it. After a minute, I asked her to come to 69…we both were sucking, and I started telling her to pause in between so that I don’t blow into her mouth.

This went for around 3-4 minutes.Then finally we got done with the oral and then I placed her on the bed and we went into the Missionary position. I put on a condom and started fucking her, she started shouting once the fucking started and I could get the feel that I was fucking a virgin,

I had to struggle to get my dick inside. I started off slowly and then slowly increased my momentum. By the time I was at my full rhythm she was practically moaning loudly and also I could hear some cries due to the pain.

After some time she was jerking little bit and the moaning increased, I figured that she had her orgasm. After 5 minutes, I peaked and finally I too blew. Then later, after throwing my condom down the toilet, I could see the bed wet with some blood and other liquid mixed in it.

I got the feel that she was too tired, so I immediately took her to the bathroom and threw her in the tub cum shower cabinet and placed her in the tub. I went outside, and cleaned the bed and removed the top cover of the bed sheet and went inside the bathroom.

We took a shower together and I placed her on the bed and she immediately slept. We both slept together and I dropped her at her friend’s house in the morning.I dated her for about 2-3 months. We both wanted different things.

We both meet each other from time to time to fuck. We have this rule not to cheat on our present girl friend/ boy friend. Only when both are single, do we hook up. She is in no way a slut by the way. We both just click perfectly.